5 tips to keep your laptop screen intact and uncracked

5 tips to keep your laptop screen intact and uncracked

Lately I’ve been seeing a LOT of broken LCD screens on Laptops. Some have been dropped, stepped on, fell off the desk, or even fell off the roof of the car..

How to keep your laptop screen intact and unbroken:

1. Never place it on the floor. That’s a great way to get it stepped on by you, a child or a dog. Yes, dogs are heavy enough to crack LCD screens.

2. Always have it on a flat and stable surface.

3. Don’t put anything heavy on top of it. Books especially are a no-no.

4. Don’t put it in a bag with anything else.

5. Always close the screen when you aren’t using it. If it were to get bumped or fell, it would absorb the shock better closed.

Remember to be careful with your laptop. Laptops can be fragile sometimes and all it takes is one drop or bump and WHAM your screen is shattered in to many little pieces.

Local shops in the Mobile Alabama area enjoy a large profit in replacing screens and sometimes charge $300 or more.

The cost of repair can sometimes be scary, but call me- I’m much cheaper than the other guys.

Have a broken laptop screen? Call me first or call me last either way you won’t find a better deal anywhere.

Mobile, Alabama and the surrounding areas only please.

Dannythe Computer Guy