How to keep your computer free from viruses

How to keep your computer free from viruses

How to keep your computer free from viruses/adware/malware:

There are many programs on the market for this. If you currently have one and are happy with it, that’s great. If you’ve never had a virus, congratulations on the safe surfing. This is for all you who perhaps have an antivirus program and still don’t feel protected or whose computer is acting slow and buggy even though you have an antivirus program.

The number one issue I see with infected computers is the fact that many people do not update their antivirus program and scan regularly. The best antivirus in the world is useless if you never run a scan just as the best weapon is useless if it is hidden under the bed.

I clean about 10 computers a month that have AVG, Norton, McAfee installed. There is nothing wrong with any of these programs, though I don’t like any of them. I use and recommend a program called Avira Antivir Personal. Yes, it is free. Avira does offer a commercial or paid version, but after using it for a while, I couldn’t see any major differences, minus the popup. Avira does have a Pop Up ad that comes on when you update, but that’s the only drawback to this program, however, if you follow my directions below you’ll probably never see the popup. Sure, I’ll deal with a daily popup to have perhaps the Best antivirus in the world. Did I say Best? Yes, according to many reports Avira is one of the top three antivirus programs and features the easiest interface and features the most consistent scanning engine. But Enough, I am not here to debate one AV over the other. If you have one that works and you are happy with great-keep it.

This is the same program I use on my personal and business computers and also the same setup I install on computers I have for sale.

How to setup Avira to Update and Scan Nightly.

Go to and download the free version of Avira. Install it. During install, it will ask 2 major questions: One is about malicious or joke programs, click ALL. The second is about Normal or Secure Startup- click on Secure. This will enable Avira to start earlier in the boot cycle. It adds about 2 seconds to the startup sequence when you start your computer.

Ok, so you have Avira installed. Right click on the Red Umbrella near the clock. This is the main page. From here you can choose to update, scan, view items in quarantine, set configuration, etc.. The main thing we will focus on right now if the Scheduler.. Its found under Administration.

The third icon at the top is the Edit Button. Highlight the task you want to change, lets start with Daily Update. Click Next until you are able to change TIME OF JOB. Change it from ONCE EVERY 24HOURS to DAILY. Change time to 2am (0200) (or whenever you won’t be using the computer). Unclick REPEAT JOB IF TIME EXPIRED. Next Page is Display mode. Click Minimized. Click Finish.

The next task we will update is the Complete System Scan. Highlight the task, click the third button at the top (edit). Once again, click NEXT until you reach TIME OF JOB page. Change to DAILY. Set it to scan 30 minutes after it updates. So if you set the update to 2am like above, set the time to 0230. Unclick REPEAT JOB IF TIME EXPIRED. Next Page is Display mode. Click Minimized. Here’s a nice feature: SHUT DOWN COMPUTER IF JOB DONE. I normally click this button, as I don’t leave my computer on all the time. Also by clicking this button, it Click Finish.

What we just did was set Avira Antivirus to update and scan at 200am, and then shut itself off. This way, you won’t have to remember to run a scan, just leave your computer on occasionally. How often you should run a scan is up to you- I normally recommend once or twice a week, but it really depends on how much you use your computer and the internet.

Hope that helps. Let me know below if you have any questions, problems..