Now specializing in Laptop Repair Mobile Alabama

Now specializing in Laptop Repair Mobile Alabama

We are proud to announce we are now specializing in Laptop Repair. This has been something we have done since Day one, but the number one question we get is “Do you Work On Laptops?”

YES! I LOVE to work on laptops.

That’s right, no more overpaying those “computer fix-it guys” to learn while they earn, now you can save big money with us with your laptop and your desktop.. I do everything from LCD replacement, AC jack repair, replacing keyboards, replace/restore hard drives, hinges, replace trim pieces or even just virus or malware removal. If it cane be done on a laptop, I can do it. I am Dell, Toshiba and HP certified to work on laptops. Very few people in the state of Alabama have my same training and certifications. Why go somewhere else and pay more?

How much can I save?

Recently¬† I replaced the bezel and lid on a Dell 1521 Laptop. The customer had called around and even taken to a local shop. The local shop wanted $150 for LABOR and $100 for parts- that’s a total of $250 to replace a couple of non electronic parts. The customer sourced the parts on ebay for around $40 and I charged her $20 for labor for a total savings of $190!

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We also work on Desktops, Servers and can even repair LCD screens…

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