Has your Email been Hacked? Applies to AT&T/Bellsouth and Yahoo Email Accounts

Are you sending emails to your friends with the subject “Hi”, “Hey” or no subject without your knowledge?
Are you getting error messages when you open your email saying mail could not be received or sent?
Are your friends calling/emailing you and telling you to stop sending emails or that your email has been hacked?
If so, chances are your email password has been hacked.

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5 tips to keep your laptop screen intact and uncracked

Lately I’ve been seeing a LOT of broken LCD screens on Laptops. Some have been dropped, stepped on, fell off the desk, or even fell off the roof of the car..

How to keep your laptop screen intact and unbroken:

1. Never place it on the floor. That’s a great way to get it stepped on by you, a child or a dog. Yes, dogs are heavy enough to crack LCD screens.

2. Always have it on a flat and stable surface.

3. Don’t put anything heavy on top of it. Books especially are a no-no.

4. Don’t put it in a bag with anything else.

5. Always close the screen when you aren’t using it. If it were to get bumped or fell, it would absorb the shock better closed.

Remember to be careful with your laptop. Laptops can be fragile sometimes and all it takes is one drop or bump and WHAM your screen is shattered in to many little pieces.

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Cartridge World = Saving Money

First let me start out with I’ve never been a big fan of inkjet printers due to cost, ink and mess. New ink cartridges are so expensive, and refilling them yourself is messy. Once upon a time, I used to refill my own cartridges but stopped when ink poured out of the printer onto the floor ruining the carpet.

Until recently, when people ask me “Where can I get cheap ink for my printer?” I’ve mentioned a drug store chain which did refills (of dubious quality) and eBay for cheap cartridges. New cartridges are just so expensive, I’ve seen a couple of occasions where it was cheaper to buy a new printer versus new ink tanks. So I was a bit reluctant when a client gave me a HP Office Jet Printer recently. It had 2 new ink tanks included, so I didn’t have to worry. Well, the day came and I ran out of ink. I’d given up on refilling my own and certainly didn’t want to pay retail for a new cartridge. I was thinking about buying off eBay, until I stumbled into Cartridge World in the Yester Oaks Shopping Center 3664A Airport Blvd 36608 (251) 725-6380 www.cartridgeworldusa.com

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Are you protected? Windows Security Alerts announced

Windows recently announced seven privately reported vulnerabilities and one publicly disclosed vulnerability in Internet Explorer. My advice to most of my clients recently is to use Firefox with the AdBlocker Plugin (more in an upcoming post). But for those of you who rely upon Windows Internet Explorer (all versions) here’s a new security bulletin from Microsoft:

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