We offer all the services a ‘normal shop’ would, but with a special touch. We try to make the clients feel, well, like a human being and don’t confuse them with geek speak . We use normal English to explain the problem and try to offer quick turn around. Most repairs are ready in 48 hours or less.

Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten – Gucci

This is an example of my prices. While I feel my prices are very reasonable (please feel free to call around and compare), my prices are negotiable with volume. Meaning, two computers brought in at the same time is less than 2 at different times. Also I barter and will trade services for broken, older (not too old) computers and LCD flat panel monitors.

Flat rate services:

Prices are for customer drop off at our location only. We can offer Pickup/Delivery and Setup (white glove service) for an additional $39.

Clean Up Special: $59 Clean up and tweaking of Windows XP systems already in running condition. PLEASE NOTE: This will not remedy or fix viruses. This is meant as a “Spring Cleaning” so to speak.. Will clean unused programs and Windows will start faster and run more efficiently. This package includes installation of anti-virus and mal-ware tools and tweaking for extra speed. Who needs that shadow under the mouse pointer anyway? This is a good package for the budget minded, but for Windows installations over 2 years old, I recommend the ‘Refurbish Special’

Virus, Adware, Spyware removal for Windows XP/Vista
$99 Meant for infected systems. The package includes diagnosis, removal, recovery and installation of antivirus, malware tools and tools for prevention in the future.

Reinstall Special: $99 Designed for computers just needing Windows reinstalled, refreshed. Full reinstall of Windows includes all drivers and installation of antivirus, malware tools, and will tweak for extra speed. This procedure may involve a full format and wiping of the drive. If needed, will remove/recover all documents, music, files and reinstall on fresh system for ONE user profile. Additional user profiles $20 per depending.. Applies to XP, Vista, Windows 7.

Laptop AC Power jack repair: $149 including parts. This is simply a hardware repair. This repair does not cover any software, just simply ensures that AC power jack is operational and laptop will run off AC power.This requires total dis-assembly of the laptop and re-soldering or replacing the DC jack. Estimated time up to 7 days, depending on availability of parts.

Non flat rate services:

Examples of non flat rate services include: replacement of power supply, replacement of hard drive, adding additional RAM, upgrading graphics card, processor, motherboard or other components. I also install wireless networks, troubleshoot existing networks, and design, develop and market websites.

I do not have flat rate prices on these services, but am about a quarter to a third of what Best Buy would charge for the same services. I do not make any profit on my parts, customer pays what item actually costs if I have to buy parts from an internet site such as eBay, Newegg or

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