Spyware, Adware, Malware : the solution

Lately I’ve been seeing a LOT of computers that are running slow. Some of these have popups that come up when the computer starts, some have a popup when first on the internet.. Some have favorite places that the customer never visited. Some won’t even connect to the internet.

These are all victims of spyware. Severe cases of spyware can be as hard to remove as a computer virus, and can do as much damage. Spyware has become the fastest growing concern among computer users today. You’ll also hear people refer to Spyware as Adware or Malware. These are all basically the same things, not quite as nasty as a computer virus, but not something you want on your computer either.

So what exactly does Spyware do?

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Why you need a good antivirus for web surfing

CNN had a video today that mentioned the “Most Dangerous Online Searches”

While this is talks about things most savvy web users already know, this is very important for everyone. Even if you don’t actively download anything, you can still get all sorts of malware (malicious programs) just by surfing the net. I see a lot of computers with malware from just surfing where people don’t have an antivirus. Myspace is also known for malware. Not Myspace itself, but the java applets on some of the pages do contain harmful code.

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How to keep your computer free from viruses

How to keep your computer free from viruses/adware/malware:

There are many programs on the market for this. If you currently have one and are happy with it, that’s great. If you’ve never had a virus, congratulations on the safe surfing. This is for all you who perhaps have an antivirus program and still don’t feel protected or whose computer is acting slow and buggy even though you have an antivirus program.

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