Why you need a good antivirus for web surfing

CNN had a video today that mentioned the “Most Dangerous Online Searches”

While this is talks about things most savvy web users already know, this is very important for everyone. Even if you don’t actively download anything, you can still get all sorts of malware (malicious programs) just by surfing the net. I see a lot of computers with malware from just surfing where people don’t have an antivirus. Myspace is also known for malware. Not Myspace itself, but the java applets on some of the pages do contain harmful code.

How do I protect myself?
1. For Microsoft Windows users, visit the Windows Update site and make sure you have the latest updates. if you aren’t using Windows, make sure your OS is updated and current.

2. If you don’t have a good antivirus, get one now. I recommend and use Avira Antivir. Avira Antivir v9 (current edition) has built in malware protection. If you are running an old version of Avira, update today. Don’t be left unprotected. Right click on the red umbrella and start update.
Make sure and read my previous post on how to set it up to update and scan nightly. An antivirus can’t protect you if you don’t update and use it regularly.

3. If you feel you have a problem already, download and install MalwareBytes AntiMalware tool. This is one of the best Malware tools on the market and a program I install on all my fresh installations. Make sure to update before you scan as they are constantly updating the scan engine and definitions.

Those three things will greatly decrease your chances of catching malware or a computer virus. The fourth key to this is Smart Surfing. What do i mean by that? I mean don’t just randomly click on every flashy flashy that shows up. Be careful where you click and what sites you visit. Just as you probably won’t go hang out in the projects, don’t hang out in the shady areas of the internet.

Thats it for now, more later. Let me know what you think…