Windows 8 : Should you downgrade?

Windows 8 : Should you downgrade?

Do you have Windows 8? Do you like it? If you do, please skip this article.

If you do not, please read on. I have an excellent solution that will make your Windows 8 laptop or desktop faster and easier to use.

Most of my clients and the people I have spoken with do not like it very much. Loss of the tiled windows, loss of the start menu (really? remove the #1 used interface from Windows?), the ‘Metro’ User interface and other things. Coupled with the fact that it does not play well with certain hardware makes it a nightmare for customers. Unless you like it. I’ve met 2 clients this year who like it, many do not. Is this truly a downgrade you say? If a program works better than why did Microsoft create Windows 8. Because that’s their job- to make software. They made it not because they needed to but because they had to. Stock price was falling and they felt they needed to do something to gain back lost market share.

I have been offering a Windows 8 Downgrade to Windows 7. Your computer will be faster and easier to use, with the familiar logos and most importantly a Start Menu that works.

$75 if you need data recovered and replaced (not a new computer)

$50 for new computers without any data that needs to be recovered.

Call for details.