Laptops for Sale

We just got a new shipment of laptops. Great prices, lots of different models. Lots of Desktops as well. Brands like Samsung, Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Gateway, eMachines and Acer..

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Why you should not use a Universal Laptop Power Adapter

One Power Adaptor/Charger to Rule them All?  Not So Much..

I am writing this because I am seeing a trend. A trend in people replacing their original laptop Power adapter (Charger) with Universal Power Adapters (Chargers). These universal ones can come with different tips or you buy the tips separate. Some also have the ability to charge the laptop from a car, boat or other 12V Dc power point. While not all of these universal adapters are bad, they can cause problems. I have lots of experience with universal type chargers, using the Kensington Wall/ Ultra , a couple different ones from Targus and a few other ‘non’ major brand types.

Let’s look at some of the problems created by Universal type Laptop Chargers-

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Windows 8 : Should you downgrade?

Do you have Windows 8? Do you like it? If you do, please skip this article.

If you do not, please read on. I have an excellent solution that will make your Windows 8 laptop or desktop faster and easier to use.

Most of my clients and the people I have spoken with do not like it very much. Loss of the tiled windows, loss of the start menu (really? remove the #1 used interface from Windows?), the ‘Metro’ User interface and other things. Coupled with the fact that it does not play well with certain hardware makes it a nightmare for customers. Unless you like it. I’ve met 2 clients this year who like it, many do not. Is this truly a downgrade you say? If a program works better than why did Microsoft create Windows 8. Because that’s their job- to make software. They made it not because they needed to but because they had to. Stock price was falling and they felt they needed to do something to gain back lost market share.

I have been offering a Windows 8 Downgrade to Windows 7. Your computer will be faster and easier to use, with the familiar logos and most importantly a Start Menu that works.

$75 if you need data recovered and replaced (not a new computer)

$50 for new computers without any data that needs to be recovered.

Call for details.

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FBI Moneypak Virus/Malware/Ransomware Problem

Lately I have seen a LOT of this problem. You’re surfing the web and all of a sudden, the screen goes black and a box pops up stating the FBI/DOJ has locked your computer. In order to remove the box, you have to do a Moneypak transfer for $200. DO NOT DO THIS, you will only waste money as this will not unlock it. Do not attempt to fix your computer yourself, System Restore will not help you and can only make things worse.

This is picked up and caused by surfing the internet with inadequate virus/ malware protection. This is really not a computer virus, but more of what we call ‘ransomware‘, as it actually attempts to hold your computer hostage. Despite what the Geeks at Geek Squad have said (according to a client), this is not a hard problem to fix, however its well beyond the scope of a normal user.

If you have this problem, call me. I can fix. You won’t lose any of your data, and it takes about 2 hours (or less) Cost $60. (Special price as I see this a lot) NOW OFFERING REMOTE VIRUS REMOVAL (may not be available in severe cases) for $25 more. Most of the time I can repair this issue same day. Drop it off in the AM, Pickup in the PM. Drop off after 3, pickup next day.

If you do not have this problem, save my number, you may need it. But I would definitely update whatever antivirus program you are currently using. If you do not have an antivirus, I recommend Microsoft Security Essentials. Its a good solid, free antivirus, built by Microsoft. You can find it here. I would also make sure Windows is up to date. To do this click on the start menu and find windows update, follow the directions from there.

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